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Amberley Castle Hotel,  Arundel, Sussex
Behind the great portcullis of Amberley Castle lie 900 years of  history. Its massive walls enclose a serene garden where white peacocks. 
display their plumage, and  the mighty battlements overlook Sussex countryside almost unchanged since the days of Henry I

The entrance to Amberley castle sets the scene; the impressive drive passes between two lakes and rises to a huge gatehouse, complete 
with a two tonne working portcullis. To the left of the bridge is the Bishopric, two 17th century stonebuilt buildings from which five suites
have been created. The noble architecture of the castle is echoed inside, where spacious bedchamber echo the baronial theme

The 12th century Queens Room, with its barrel vaulted ceiling and lancet windows and the Great Room decorated with tapestries and suits
 of armour, provide elegant  settings for Amberley's "castle cuisine". The eclectic style reflects both the castles exciting history and 
contemporary influences.

Amberley Castle Hotel, near Arundel, West Sussex


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